Cambridgeport’s Roof Curbs may be ordered three different ways:

  • Unassembled using Cambridgeport’s patented Sure Lock Clip
  • Unassembled using nuts & bolts
  • Fully assembled(welded)

All 14”-high curbs are shipped unassembled with Cambridgeport’s patented Sure Lock Roof Clip.

Roof Curbs measuring to other heights other than 14” are shipped unassembled with nuts and bolts (supplied).

Roof Curbs can be shipped welded together (custom order).

Curb Features:

  • Fabricated heavy gauge, G90, galvanized steel body
  • Full perimeter wood nailer strip
  • Miltered top corners
  • Pre-punched assembly holes
  • Duct supports
  • All welds are sprayed with a galvanizing compound for protection from rust
  • Shipped with easy-to-apply gasket material to seal unit to adapter

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